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By taking various supplements you can aid weight loss from different areas, such as the arms, stomach, thighs and waist.

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Estro Factors (90 Capsules)


Product Description

Estro factors are used for people who are looking to control hormones and to rid the body of any bad estrogens. People who store extra body fat around the triceps, thighs and buttocks struggle to detoxify the body of xenoestrogen’s and this causes fat storage and “problem areas”.

Without detoxifying you will struggle to shift fat from your “problem areas”. Taking estro factors will free up body fat from a build up of Estradiol. In return you will flush out toxins, increase your energy, improved digestion, reduce sugar cravings and help burn fat from those stubborn areas.

Do not use if you re trying for pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ingredients: Contact us for a full list.

Recommended Dosage: 3 tablets daily, or as directed.

Package Size: 90